Weird: Living As Exiles

Our world is changing!  We no longer live in a culture that believes or values the same things that we do.  While this may seem strange, this isn't the first time that this has happened - in fact, this cycle has been happening for thousands of years - and it is called Exile!  So how do followers of Jesus respond in these situations?  We can't withdraw and we can't wimp out.  We must be WEIRD!


Practice Makes Perfect

Am I engaging in practices that shape my heart towards God? 

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

May 20, 2018

Identity Crisis

What set them apart? They desired to please God.

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor & Ashley LeCount, Children’s Pastor

May 13th, 2018

Changing The Narrative

If you are tired of living into other stories…Be Weird!  
Trust in God’s story and walk with Him.

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

May 6, 2018

Culture Shock 

Our World is Changing, we are in Exile. Don't Withdraw. Don't Wimp Out. Be Weird!

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

April 29, 2018