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Because Life Is Better Together

Connect Groups exist to connect people with God through connecting with one another. This is because following Jesus was never meant to be something we did alone. God designed us for community and to do life together. That is why Connect Groups at Crossroads are specifically designed to bring people together as we live to become more like Jesus.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do Connect Groups look like?

Connect Groups are small groups of 8-12 adults that meet in homes throughout the week. There will also be regular opportunities for Groups to serve together in the community throughout the year.

When and How often do Groups meet?

It depends on the group. Some will meet every week, some every other, and some meet once a month. The group facilitator will help determine what day of the week and how often the group will meet.

Why are Groups important?

Connect Groups are one of the primary ways for you to get plugged-in to the life of Crossroads. Not only will being in a Group help you meet other people, they will provide opportunities for you to grow spiritually as you dive into scripture and contribute to the community with other members of your group.

How do I join a Connect Group?

You can sign up for a group using the interest form below.



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