This 5-week series will challenge you with the realization that God has given YOU the power to make choices that can alter history and change the trajectory of your life.  Life is CHOICES.  CHOICES have consequences.  Make right CHOICES!


Choose Humility

I can choose HUMILITY and God wil lift me up.

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

April 22, 2018

Choose Wisdom

I can choose WISDOM by being obedient to God. 

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

April 15, 2018

Choose Action

I can choose ACTION when I am totally reliant on God!

Marc Royer, Pastor Emeritus

April 8, 2018

Choose Love

I can CHOOSE love because God loves me. 

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

April 1, 2018

Choose Joy

I can choose JOY in every situation.

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

March 25, 2018