HOME is where the Heart is. This series is all about relationships, family, and building a foundation on Jesus that lasts.


Beautiful Moments

Are you celebrating your Beautiful Moments with God? 

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

November 25, 2018

Better Marriage

Am I living out God's plan for my marriage? 

Tim & Danae Fisher

November 18, 2018

Broken Dreams

What broken dream do you need to surrender to God?

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

November 11, 2018

Bitter Rivalries

When we listen to what Jesus is saying, we forgive and we heal.

Who better to invite into your relationship than Jesus?

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor & Marc Royer, Pastor Emeritus

November 4, 2018

Building a Foundation 

"The quality of our relationship with our children will determine the weight of our influence."

Luke 2:39-52

Ashley LeCount, Children's Pastor & Dustin Wine, Pastor to Students

October 29, 2018

Breaking the Cycle

What kind of HOME do you want? 

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

October 21, 2018