The Elephant In The Room


When questions of truth carry life and death consequences, we see persuasion as an act of love.  But what species of truth is religious truth?  Are the various world religions making competing claims on reality, or are they simply different voicing of one truth?  And, if they are making competing claims, does disagreement entail hostility, or can people of conflicting beliefs live peacefully together? Find out more about these topics and more in this 6 week series.


My Morality

Every command God gives me is for my benefit

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

October 13, 2019

My Purpose

Am I putting myself in position to fulfill God’s purpose in my life?

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

October 6, 2019

My Origin

You are loved. You have a purpose. You have a future.

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

September 29, 2019


What are you going to do with Jesus?

Tim Fisher, Lead Pastor

September 22, 2019