Copy of Marc Royer

Marc Royer

Pastor Emeritus

Marc’s first memory is that of God speaking to his heart when he was three years old. “I was holding the little Bible I received for Christmas and God spoke to my heart that I was to learn all I could about the Bible and teach it as my life’s work,” as Pastor Marc tells it. True to what God had told him to do he got involved in church early in his life leading and serving in different ministry capacities. Pastor Marc’s first full time ministry came as a Youth Pastor when he was 19 while working on his first College degree and the year he married his high school sweetheart, Marceil. He transitioned to becoming a Lead Pastor in 1983 after turning 23. Pastor Marc has a B.A. from Open Bible College, a B.A. in Religion from Drake University, a Master’s Degree from Olivet Nazarene University, and a Doctorate from Trinity Theological Seminary (where he was also an adjunct faculty for over 25 years).  He founded The Christian Resource Group in 1996 and continues as the Executive Director today. He is a dynamic and impactful speaker and has published many books over the years. Marc became the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in 2002 and continued until 2013 when he resigned from the Lead Pastor position of Crossroads Church after being diagnosed with Refractory Obstructive Lung Disease. Upon his resignation the Crossroads Board of Directors named him “Pastor Emeritus” of Crossroads Community Church in honor of his contribution to the church and to ministry through the years.

Marc is still very much involved in the life of Crossroads. He serves on the Executive Team, preaches from time to time, and leads trips to the Holy Land for people to see and experience the places where Jesus walked.