Copy of Corey Hepler

Corey Hepler

Creative Arts Director

Corey has been attending Crossroads since the Summer of 2015, and joined the staff in November of 2016.  He felt the call to ministry in high school, and while pursuing a Youth Ministry degree, was redirected to explore more within the area of worship ministry.  While his skills and leadership have grown over the years, his mission and mindset have remained unchanged and have always been true to the values that make up the DNA of Crossroads Community Church - connecting people with God.  Corey loves, more than anything else, being used by God to help people take their next steps in their relationships with Jesus.  Corey was recently married to his wife, Kenzie, who makes him light up in ways that nobody else can. He is also a fan of almost anything that is sports related, and especially loves playing golf in the summertime.