Copy of Clark Howe

Clark Howe

Executive Pastor

Having grown up in a parsonage with his Dad as a Nazarene Pastor, Clark never thought he would become a pastor.  Clark describes his path towards his calling as filled with ‘Baby Steps’.  He studied Communications and Business in college, and then spent seven years in the secular workplace with Florida Power and Light.  During this time Clark volunteered at the churches he attended and eventually became a part-time staff member. 

In late 1991 Clark accepted a full-time ministry offer at Clarksville First Church of the Nazarene in Tennessee (it was a sign).  From volunteer to fulltime, from board member to staff member, Clark spent much of his efforts in Worship ministries and running big events.  Clark’s wife Roseanna has partnered with him in many of the productions which expressed Clark’s background in community theater and Rose’s background in art.  Together they have two grown daughters, Rachel and Rylee.

Clark has also served at churches in Lake Worth Florida, Pekin Illinois, Lemont Illinois, and now feels honored to have an executive role at Goshen Indiana.